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Monte Pucci

PanoramicaLimestone on the slopes of Monte Pucci, among fragrant pines and myrtle bushes, there are many Christian hypogea. In these communities burial caves found in the early medieval period of Christianity, from Constantine to VIII century a. C. Worthy of note is that the cavity of the "hundred columns, in which there are many limestone pillars, left in situ in the achievement of the internal spaces.

Features are the tombs Terragni, produced at the foot of the columns in which the corpse was laid together with oil lamps, which are not yet clear is the symbolic value. You can also support the hypothesis that the various hypogea were enlightened by the light of such lamps placed in the grooves of the natural walls. For a long time it was incorrectly thought that these caves were inhabited by monks Anchorites from eastern countries. Recently, however, studies conducted by the Institute of Anthropology of Padua showed that the bones found there belonged to women and children. Therefore it must be assumed that in the plain of Calenella, there were permanent settlements, then buried in response to repeated flooding.


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