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Bay Manaccora

PanoramicaThe name, which derives from that windfall luck and Core Greek deity, probably designated the place where man could find the help of the Gods and abundance of food.

Bay, from Punta Manaccora enclosed on one side and Punta Mastiaco the other hand, is full of fields, woods, rocky peaks. The smooth landing, the shelter from the wind and especially the ease of sighting of the potential hazards, determine the development of permanent settlements. In these places, where the flint, iron and bronze mark the passing of time, are still visible many archaeological finds testify to the presence of prehistoric populations.

In the highest part of Punta Manaccora still there are holes for the poles of the huts, channels for collecting rain water and traces of pottery. Near the bay there is the Grotta di San Nicola, where tombs are located on the wall with a groove on the board to include brick sealing the opening.

Anyone wishing to visit these areas now have the opportunity to breathe the atmosphere back in time and first-hand part of this story.