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The limestone peninsula of the Gargano extends over 700 sq. miles into the Adriatic sea and is known to the Italians as "lo sperone d'Italia", the spur of Italy.

Panoramica Gargano

It is bounded to the west by the Candelaro and Fortore rivers and is very varied. Dry and barren areas alternate with places of flourishing vegetation where you can find the forests of Mt. Spigno, Quarto, Sagro, Rozzo Alto and the well known "La Foresta Umbra", the shady forest.

In the area it is possible to find limestone terraces, small inlets, caves, high and craggy cliffs to the east and white and sandy beaches to the west.


The northern slopes of the mountains lead to the Lesina ad Varano lakes nesting cormorants and aquatic birds are an integral part of the landscape.

The reflection of the sun off the waves, the green tint of the clean blue Adriatic sea, the smell of the juniper, rosemary and pine mixed with the our of the sea makes the place unique and one to be visited.

Whatever you want to find on your holiday in the Gargano, recently made a natural park, you can not help but appreciate its colour, smell, diversity or fascinating scenery.

Panoramica mare Gargano