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Monte Sant'Angelo

il campanile ottagonaleMonte Sant'Angelo is the more elevated citizen of the Gargano and in the Region situated how much to 796 meters on the sea level.

Monte Sant'Angelo shows oneself on the gulf of Manfredonia and on the Tavoliere. In the days of greater visibility it is possible to view the cities of the from Bari coast, the Murge, the Castel del Monte, the volcanos of the Vulture (Basilicata).

It is one of the more religious places of the Apulia. Papi, Saints, monarchs pilgrims coming from far Countries as Scandinavia came in order to visit Saint Michele the Archangel, second the tradition, appeared three times in a greatest grotto that declared its dwelling leaving the print of a foot.

Basilica di San Michele

In the 493 the bishop of Siponto consecrated the church. The Sanctuary built up in VI century, was National Sanctuary of the Langobardic.

Destroyed from the Saraceni, it was reconstructed from Ludovico II in the 871.

To the income of the Basilica of Saint Michele dominates the octagonal bell tower realized  from Carlo d'Angiò. Of forehead rises the church of "Santa Maria Maggiore" and of Saint Giovanni in Tumba, famous like the tomba of Rotari.

Dominates the country the ancient castle erected from Roberto il Guiscardo towards the half of the XI century.