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Natural Park

Parco Nazionale del GarganoWith law n. 394 of 6 December 1991, disciplining the protect natural areas, have been instituted the National Park of the Gargano, just acknowledgment to a territory to guard for its biological and environmental characteristics.

In this small biological island, encircled from the sea and flat of the Tavoliere and the par to 0,7% of the national territory, there is a highest degree of biodiversity: here are present the 33% of the species vegetables and 170 of the 237 species of birds existing in Italy.

Singular they are the "faggete garganiche" that, thanks to the abundant spring precipitations, succeed in vegetate very under the customary 800 meters. To lindens, maple trees, holm oaks and elm trees are associated numerous endemic plants which the "Scabiosa di Dallaporta", the "Inula candida", the "Campanula garganica" and the "Cisto di Clusio".

Parco Nazionale del GarganoRich and exclusive is also the fauna that spaces from the heron red to the flamingo, from the wild cat to the dormouse and to the rarest copy of the Gargano's roedeer.

The landscape of the Gargano's massive has been modeled from the atmospheric agents and variously carved from the karst phenomenon.

To the karst phenomenon are traceable back the canyon, the sinkhole, the numerous doline and grotto, many of the which are of estimable archaeological interest.

Spectacular, but accessible only to the experts speleologist, are: the "Grotta Paglicci" (Rignano Garganico), the "Grotta Scaloria" (Manfredonia) and "Grotta di Campolato" (San Giovanni Rotondo).

The "spur of Italy", territory naturally designated to become National Park for the varieties of ecosystems present in it, has not been created neither invented, but simply uncovered.