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Sea grotto

Grotta sfondata

Splendid it is the vision of the Gargano's coast that, steep and for most accessible only in boat, is raised stiff on the crystalline water. Bordered of stacks, rich of immense cavities it is inexhaustible source of wonderful natural scenes, insenature, beaches and small cale.

The more evocative show is offered to the infinite and beautifulst grotto eroded in the course of the millenia from the wind and the frequent breakers.

They detach for singolarity and beauty:


  • the "Grotta Campana" height 47 meters and therefore called for the characteristic shape to bell;

  • the "Grotta dei contrabbandieri" in which a small cunicolo it leads to one exited secondary that, second the tradition, facilitated the escape of the smugglers who here found shelter;

  • the "Grotta delle rondini" to whose inside the birds dwell for the entire year and interlace splendid flights;

  • the "Grotta sfondata" therefore called why it deprives of the advanced part. To its inside, raising the look, can be admired thick pines that are reflected in the intense blue of deep waters;

  • the "Grotta due occhi", characterized from two small openings dug by the continuous break of the waves over the cliff;

  • the "Grotta smeralda " in which the sea, penetrating in the multiple insenature, it creates variegated light effects;

  • the "Grotta dei pomodori" on whose walls are clutched molluscs red to tomato shape;

  • the "Grotta delle sirene" where second the popular sideboards a time dwelled the sirens.