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The trabucchi

DettaglioThe trabucco is the most complex and imaginative machine fish of the Adriatic coast that Rosso, in Magic Gargano, defines: "ancient device made up of poles, towers, pulleys (...), a beautiful view over the project with its complicated branches ...".

It was assumed that the etymology of the word derives from the Provençal trabucar or transferred.


Un trabucco

In 1500 a. C. this word was designated a war machine that flung (moved) stones and fire, hence it was assigned the same name at the device that transferred the fish from sea to land.

The trabucco, made of wood, consists of a central pole extended over water, which is astride the lookout that, with a cry, the entry will identify the fish in the net. The companions are ready, they will turn the winch on the floor that, with ropes and pulleys, the fish will recover.