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Panoramica ViesteVieste is certainly the most famous tourist center of the Gargano promontory and is located between two sandy beaches.

Its origins are ancient as witnessed by the various archaeological sites in the surrounding areas, from megalithic walls and the findings of various urns, utensils and tombs. These findings suggest that it is of Apenestre, cited by Ptolemy in the third century A. C.

On the way to the Foresta Umbra, 7 km from the town, there was the ancient city of Merinum, mentioned by Pliny. Center of some importance to the Middle Ages, it was abandoned, perhaps because of adverse weather conditions that made the malarial area. You can visit the remains of cities with what remains of the aqueduct.

Panoramica ViesteIn 1500 was found at the beach Scialmarino, a statue depicting the Virgin Mary, a beautiful sculpture of linden wood dated between the fourteenth and fifteenth century. Legend has it that what remained of ancient Merinum and the Sanctuary was built on its ruins in sec.XV. The people are devout, and, on the day of her festival, the 8th of May, they spend a very impressive procession, for nearly 15 miles an effigy is carried along the coast with their faces turned towards the sea in attitude blessing.

The old town is typically medieval stretching all around the castle, the latter built by Frederick II in 1240, and inside the walls that surround the town. The Castle and numerous towers sighting along the coast recall that the territory was always ground raids by the Turks and Saracens. And from these Vieste was repeatedly raided and plundered. A particularly cruel episode is recalled by Chianca Amara, rock on which they were beheaded nearly 5000 people from the turkish Dragut in 1554.

PizzomunnoThe highest point of the old town of special charm is the old church of San Francesco very dear to sailors in the area. Not far from Chianca Amara, Cathedral established by the Byzantines in the century X. Inside a beautiful bas-relief of the Neapolitan school of 1500. Adjacent to the mighty Campanile towers built in the sixteenth century in Baroque style.

From Vieste is also possible to visit the coast rich in caves of incomparable beauty, white beaches and inviting bays. Just at the entrance to the monolith of the country Pizzomunno seems to welcome visitors.